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Monday, November 22, 2010

Quilt-along Block Two FINISHED!

I am done with block two!!


I know...don't faint.
Maybe blogging the progress
was a good idea after all.

Guess what?
Not only did I get Block Two finished,
I made a BONUS block too!
Doesn' that just take the cake?

Hope I don't need those pieces later
or I may cry...
and you will have to listen to me.

So here are the pictures:

Block number Two

I actually like this block even better than
the first one:

Block number One

However, I do not like them TOGETHER,
if that makes any sense.
I put them next to each other and
I didn't like it.
So NOW I am working strictly on
that the finished product will have
a cohesiveness that I do not
yet see!
It HAS to...I am using a Jelly Roll
after all.

Then after I was done with the block,
I noticed several elements left over.

I tossed 'em together to create
(and have NO idea what I'm going
to do with it)

Bonus block

There were SEW many ways
to fiddle with the left-overs,
but this way won.

I love to play spin the block!
How about you?
Did you finish?
Did you make a bonus block from the
Are you saving the left-overs until
a later time?

For those of you following
along...(chirp, chirp...awkward silence)
find Block Three in 
the series

Thank you so much to
Moose on the Porch Quilts

for coming up with the
idea and blogging this first!
You rock, girlfriend!

Really, you should check her out.
Toodles for now.

Just Amy

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