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Friday, December 10, 2010



I have been out of the loop this week...
or two.

I am behind on my quilt-along.
Well, I am behind on POSTING
the quilt-along blocks.

I have blocks 3 and 4 finished.
I just need to post the pictures.

Every block I finish is my new favorite!

I will probably take a break from the blocks then
until after the holidays.

After the Holidays, I have
projects to announce for the New Year!

But no announcements yet...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fasting Day One

I am HOURS into my first fast ever...
and I'm totally

First of all, I just don't feel that juice
and milk is going to cut it.
Perhaps if I had access to pure, raw milk
right out of the cow I would not have a
But this ULTRA PASTEURIZED crap is,
frankly, not even milk.
All the good stuff is missing.
By good, I mean nutritious.

I decided this wasn't going to work when
I picked up Orange Juice to counter-act
the fact that I can't get REAL milk...
only to find that


I don't have a juicer and I don't have the
money to buy enough oranges to squeeze
into juice anyway...

So I'm modifying.

Just a minor tweak, really.
I'm including anything liquid (well,
except alcohol...I think that would kind of
defeat the purpose of spiritual purity...)
If I can liquefy it, I'm gonna drink it.

Thank God for that.

Another reason the whole milk only thing caused me
concern is...well...


Headaches are my body's symptom of choice.
I get headaches for ANY reason:
Too much sleep
Too little sleep
Too little food
Too much caffeine
Too little caffeine
Sustained loud noises
Thinking too hard
Low barometric pressure (I'm serious)
High humidity
Low humidity
Sitting on the couch funny...
if you can think it, it'll probably cause me a headache.

You can imagine my concern about feeling
like crap for the next 25 days.

I did the math on the milk and at only 130 calories
a cup, I'd have to drink 9 glasses of milk
just to reach 1200 calories.
If I am awake for 16 hours,
I'd have to drink 8oz of milk
from waking to sleeping.

Can my body even assimilate all that milk?

I just don't think I can do that.
What else would I even be able to do?
I'd be constantly drinking milk.
And peeing...

Then, let's face it, there is the boredom
While I thought it would be fun to abstain
from food so I didn't have to fret over what to eat
all day...
I like food.  AND I have to fret
anyway because I'm the feeder of the fam.

The last concern hit me this morning.
My daughter.
She didn't want to eat her breakfast
until I ate my breakfast.
That kind of threw me for a loop.
Should I not be doing this?
It's kind of hard to hide from the people I live with.
I don't want her thinking I'm doing it for
weight reasons - because I AM NOT.
Does it matter WHY I am doing it?
I think it does. 
And fasting practices are in the bible.
I should probably find them.

Those are my concerns...

But I still want to focus on GOD
and for some reason I feel that fasting is
tied to me focusing on God...
So here are my modified rules:

1. Nutritious liquids only
milk, fruit juice, homemade smoothies, broth, etc
2.  If I start feeling sick or head-achy
I am outta here!
Being violently ill isn't spiritual.  lol.
3. If my daughter doesn't "get" what I am doing
and refuses to eat, I'm done.
I do not want her mis-understanding
my motives in any way or getting
stressed about this.

This will probably be the last
post about the actual
If I'm really taking a spiritual
journey, I am not to draw
attention to myself...
Just Amy