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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Maximize Your Mornings Challenge Week Two


I know it is only the second day
of the second week, but
I am ready to


First of all, I get up, uh, well...


That's just how I am. 
I need at least 30 minutes
to resemble a human being.
I doesn't matter WHAT TIME
I get up...

Second of all, this is not the first
time I have tried to work through
the maximize your mornings program.
I've tried numerous times on my own
and twice with Kat.

Because I know that for me to be a good mom,
I need to be up before my kids. 
I do not want them to see me
acting like The Beast.

SO, there are two options I am going
to try before I completely give up


One option is that I will just get up
at 6 or 6:30, but not plan to do
anything until the kids go to
Kat promised me that my kids
would learn to respect my
quiet time, but that ain't happening!
I can't even get to the quiet
time without losing it.

I've tried going outside.
I've tried LOCKING MYSELF outside.
I've tried planning my day in bed
so I can pretend to be sleeping
when they come check on me...
It all just makes me ANGRY
because the kids are pounding
on the door or lifting up
my eyelds "Mommy?  Are you awake?"

People laugh and think I'm kidding.


So I thought if I just get out of bed,
make lunches and breakfast,
dress myself and take them to school...
and save the planning and the God and
 the exercise until they're gone,
maybe that would work.


But thats Plan B for now.
This is because not only am I useless
when I arise in the morning...
I also peeter out in the early afternoon!
So if I'm gonna get stuff done,
I need to start as soon as I'm human
and haul tail, or I won't get
anything done.

That means: waiting until the kids
are in school to start my day is
the equivalent to waking up at noon.

Personally, my most productive hours are
from the time after dinner to about
2-3 in the morning.
THEN I'm like the energizer bunny.
But for obvious reasons, that doesn't work
in this life I've chosen.

Plan A will be (for now):
Da da daaaaa:

I'm going to get up at 5 with the hubby.
He's been complaining that he needs
a good breakfast anyway...
I figure, I don't even have to do anything
until 6-ish, so I should be my
regular good-natured self by then, right?
(unless I make him breakfast, but I can do that
half-dead as long as he doesn't talk to me)

I may even have my planning and God
out of the way...and I can
exercise with the kids

I just need that half hour to become
human...and the kids REFUSE
to allow me that.

So there you have it.
5am tomorrow.  No easing into it.

I'm going to do a lot of planning
before bed!

Toodles for now.
Just Amy

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