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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday Free-For-All

10 years ago I was opening a box at work.
I had acrylic nails and one of them got caught up in the box.
It hurt, but it didn't bleed and that was the end of it.

2 days later, I ran into a co-worker (literally).
When I held out my hand to steady her, said nail got caught on her sleeve.
Ripped the nail right off my finger. 
It was hanging there by a corner.

is not my actual nail, it's a stand-in I found on the web.

Now before you go all green and squeamish on me:
It did not hurt as badly as you'd think it would.
If you are a nail biter, it hurt no more than when you
bite "to the quick".

Guess What?

It kinda happened again!  Well, the first part, anyway.
This time I don't have on acrylics (learned my lesson).
And this time I was not opening a box. 
I was sleeping.


Got the same nail caught on my sheet when I
rolled over in bed!
Got that same feeling as I had when I
was opening that box and the ole' hand slipped.
I see a little spot toward the bottom where it's
quite possible there's separation...or at least weakness.

I have cut what little nail I had peeking above my finger.
I have wrapped it up in a couple band-aids.
I'm keeping it bandaged until I'm confident I won't
rip it off doing something mundane.

I am now a follower of the no-nail-above-your-finger

The moral of the story:
Sometimes nails need to bend.
Don't use products (like nail strengthener)
that prevent this or you may rip your nail
off in your sleep.  :-)

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