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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Coming soon...

Thanks for stopping by!
Just a few notes on things
to come in


Don't expect this EVERY month...
I'm generally not this
That's right. I consider this
to be organized!

First, in a few days I'll let
you all in on a little secret.
I'll give you a teensy hint:
Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along 2010

Okay, that was probably MORE
than teensy...but that's all
you get.

Second, I will be working through
to hopefully add some
to the holidays.
Love that site...check it out!

Third, I will also be working through
a couple ebooks from Kat

free ebook for moms - maximize your mornings


Let me just insert here
how much Kat has
truly inspired me
and dare I say...even
changed my life!
There.  I said it.

I originally wanted to do the
"mornings" one first,
because that's the one
she is focusing on
over at her BLOG.

I have, however; decided to do the
Mission Statement
first because
that should help me focus
my time wisely when I'm
attempting to get up before
my rugrats children
every morning.  Right?


This is all a little
scary for a self-professed
lazy procrastinator.
Telling you what I plan to do.
Now I'll have to do it
or you will find out I'm really
not joking when I call myself

This cannot happen!
That's why I'm doing it!


Anyway...stay tuned.

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