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Friday, December 10, 2010



I have been out of the loop this week...
or two.

I am behind on my quilt-along.
Well, I am behind on POSTING
the quilt-along blocks.

I have blocks 3 and 4 finished.
I just need to post the pictures.

Every block I finish is my new favorite!

I will probably take a break from the blocks then
until after the holidays.

After the Holidays, I have
projects to announce for the New Year!

But no announcements yet...


  1. I'm in the moiddle of handquilting a quilt I started in September but I'm itching to get going on a new top in the new year...or maybe I can slip in some sewing time during the holidays...we'll see..have a good wknd.

  2. I am really behind on this one because the holidays took me for a ride this year! I am impressed that you hand quilt! I have handquilted ONE quilt...a twin-sized one, and finally got into the swing of it when I was practically done. I know I should really practice, but I really hate it. LOL.